Thursday, March 15, 2007

Keep It Pimpin'?

Tuesday night's episode of Costas Now was a one hour synopsis of why I can't stand the NCAA-or Bob Costas. I wish I could provide the entire video, but here's a recap:

After a series of interviews with college athletes and professors which reinforce the notion that many revenue producing student-athletes are essentially cash cows whose last concern is the classroom, a panel discussion is held.

Sally Jenkins, Washington Post: "The NBA and NFL are using the NCAA as a developmental league and the NCAA is more than willing to take the money."

Reggie Miller, NBA Legend: "I agree with you 100%"

Myles Brand, NCAA president: "Um, er, ah..."

Bob Costas, Hypocrite: "But doesn't the media bear some responsiblity for promoting it?"

Bob then proceeds to fellate Coach K

Why do I suddenly want to switch to State Farm Insurance? Who put this American Express application in my pocket?

Enjoy the tournament