Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Book of Bombaata

No matter how bright he shines tonight, or any other night, Kobe Bryant wont ever escape the eclipse that is Wilt Chamberlain. Kobe will never make three pointers so easily that the line will be moved back, or fly so high that we deny him by raising the rim, but his every step into a widened lane is a reminder of Wilt's dominance.

No matter how many pirouetting fade aways, sniper deep treys or demoralizing dunks Kobe puts in, he'll still be expected to do more. Because Wilt did. When Chamberlain conceded his eighth consecutive scoring crown in '67, he traded it for the field goal(.683) and rebounding(24.2) titles, and led the league in assists in '68. These are some of his more forgettable accomplishments. The entire record book is a reflection of Wilt's dominance, not just the scoring section. Pick a record, any record, it's probably his.

Bow down.