Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grey Matter Clusterfuck, a.k.a Suns/Lakers Game 1 Notes.

Here we go…

I can see the Suns plan on doing alot of flopping to counter interior play of Lakers.
Expecting plenty more bitc-um, Rajaing. God, I hate that dude.

Lamar Odom has to continue to play the post like that. If they come at him with any kind of double team-which they’ll eventualy have to-he’ll kill them with his passing.

Turiaf. WTF? I just hope no one says anything um… ‘unnecessary’ about his hair.

The Lakers are showing amazing discipline in attacking the low post, plus controlling the paint and pace.

Kobe. Ew. Got my face all scrunched up. Don’t hurt ‘em dude.

Lakers up by a dozen.

Lamar should’ve passed the ball to a streaking Kobe, instead attacks for a dumb charge.

Phoenix ties it up by exploiting fast breaks off of turnovers, rebounds and loose balls. Lakers transistion D is just stuck.

Kwame being Kwame. Dunk the damn ball, you’re seven feeet tall.

Phoenix ties the game, but the Lakers are still intent on controlling pace.

Kobe being Kobe. Can’t give him an inch of space. Twenty-six footer.

Nice D Kwame, but recover the ball. Sick oop from Nashty to Trix.


Kwame and his small hands. Cant secure rebound, another two for the Suns.

KOBE! Twenty-eight footer over two Suns to end the half.

If the Suns dont score 100 can they win this game?

STAT aggressive at the rim comin out in the third.

Luke Walton is another player that can play the post in this series. Especially with his passing skills. This really could get interesting.

STAT again. Kwame’s doing what he can, but not enough to stay with him.

Kobe. Another jumper.

Kwame almost blows another one.

Nash is focused. Man. Tell Farmar to holla at me man!

Kobe moonwalking huh, M. Jax? There’s too many inapporpriate jokes to be made. Must focus on game.

Kwame, with a shot clock violation-directly under the basket. Wow.

Suns are focusing on the paint early in third but still killed on boards

Kwame loses ball. His confidence cant be high right now, and L.A. needs some productivity outta him. Smart of Nash to bait him into posting, then coming with the double team. Then a charge on other end. Kwame’s getting frustrated! (Geroge Costanza is still that dude. No matter what Kramer did.) Lackadasical body language. Lashing at teammates who correct him. The Lakers essentially traded Shaq for this guy. (via Caron Butler.)

Bullshit charge in Nash’s favor. Still moving and Farmar had the angle to the basket.

Bullshit call on other end on Farmar.

Bullshit out of bounds on Odom. Marion touched it!

Biased much?

Doubt is a four letter word? Lots to be said on that. For Kwame and Suns.

Kwame another stupid play off the inbounds.

Kwame gotta make those free throws.

STAT is so quick off his feet. Even in congested areas.

Farmar has playoff nuts. Fully developed.

Horrible Suns communication on D, easy Odom dunk.

Horrible Lakers communication on D, easy Nash three.

Amazing how Kobe keeps his heat even with minutes between shots.

Farmar getting hosed. Gotta sit. What will Smush do?


STAT over the back, but no call. First offensive board in a min.

Walton earning his keep.

Barbosa too. He’s quick, but not that quick. C’mon! Smush Parker couldn’t keep a wheelbarrow full of pussy in front of him.

Tempo and psychological edge turning dangerously towards Phoenix at 2 min mark.

Nash is quite clutch. Never tightens up on that open shot.

Phil looks so funny in that chair. What’s in that cushion? Phone books?

Odom showing great patience in the post.

Those charges are so weak. Barbosa for tres. Momentum change?

35 points in the third from the Suns! 39 in first half.

Lakers should stay hot cause theyre taking 10 footers. Suns? More jumpers?

Uh oh. Barbosa again.

Evans is not thinking. Reverse pivot fadeaway over two Suns with time left to get a better shot?

Barbosa killing Smush. He gave away this lead. I fuckin’ hate him

Kobe we need you at the basket.

Great pass Kobe. Bynum needs alot more touches. First assist?

Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss is the best beer ever. Today.

Suns free throws?

Wow. These refs are outta control. Kobe ges no call but Marion and one? Show some consistency.

Lets see how Kobe responds.

By sitting down?

Phil showing real confidence with 7 minutes left and down 5. Youngn’s need that show of support I guess.

Kwame stupid foul. What was the point in shoving Marion when he could’ve just boxed out? He had the angle. Dumbass.

Odom with a strong response on the block. Sticking to gameplan and holding it down on boards too.

Mo Evans is about as useful as Kwame Brown in a bakery right now. Or Kwame Brown on a fucking basketball court for that matter.

Odom’s gotta nail that layin. Would have helped.

Whew! Barbosa missed a bunny too.

Barbosa right back at em! Steve who? Oh, right.

Dumb three Kobe.

Barbosa lucky pass. STAT right place, right time. Dope nonetheless. Why aren’t there more words like that? afterthefact? Nah.

Role reversal in second half. More turnovers for Lakers and too many jumpshots down stretch. Suns turned into interior team. Must’ve shot at a much higher percentage.

Fug cheerlaeader.

Barbie killed Vujacic and Smush. Backdoor cuts, pure speed, jumpers. However.

No charges for Lakers. Despite playing the whole damn game in the paint, only half as many free throws for Lakers and twice as many foul calls. No consistency from refs.

Kobe taking ridiculous shots. Well, I guess they’re not if they go in-it is Kobe. But they didn’t.

Ten points in the fourth. Damn.

I don’t see either team budging much from their gameplan in this series. It may come down to who can control the paint. And the refs.