Wednesday, February 7, 2007

There's More Than Corn In Indiana....

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Indiana Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley and teammates Marquis Daniels and Keith McLeod were involved in a fight with a bar manager after a home loss to Golden State, police said.

No one was immediately arrested or charged after the fight early Tuesday. Indianapolis police Lt. Doug Scheffel said Wednesday it would take several days to complete the investigation to determine if charges would be filed.

The police report said the bar manager of the 8 Seconds Saloon might have a fractured jaw and severed earlobe. He told officers that Tinsley had threatened to kill him, the report said. Witnesses told officers that McLeod shoved people during the scuffle.

The confrontation followed another fight involving a person who employees thought was trying to steal coats from the coat check area, police said.

The manager and witnesses told officers that Tinsley, Daniels and a man with them punched the manager in the face and head.

The manager "stated that he was unable to defend himself, at which time both witnesses ... stated that they felt that the life of the victim was in danger," according to the report.

Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh said in a statement Wednesday that the team was aware of the allegations but would have no further comment until police complete the investigation.

Further details are not yet available, but I imagine something like this happened...

Stories like these are always cues for the national media to regurgitate the same questions. (i.e. "Why are NBA players always in trouble?" "Are atheletes targets?" "Do they need guns?") But instead of diving headfirst into racial and socioeconomic hyperbole, shouldn't one of the fundamental questions be "Why can't these guys be more discreet?" "Or at least go to a nicer club, you know-one with actual security?" Most of these incidents occur in some seedy bar or strip club that's a health code violation away from being shut down, and employ 'dancers' that are interchangable with the average NBA groupie. More importantly they are frequented by a somewhat 'undesirable' patronage who have absolutely nothing to lose except a few crumpled dollar bills. That's who those bars are for, so why would a multi-millionaire waste any time in there? Are these guys married? If so, creep and get a hotel room. If not, what's wrong with your house? Don't want these freaks to know where you live? Pool your money and rent a party pad. Anything is better than exposing yourself to an uncontrolled envrionment fueled solely by intoxicants and machismo. NBA players don't start all the fights they get in, but they most certainly are the ones who pay for them, so you might want to think about "ordering in" next time fellas.


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