Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Steering Wheel of a Maybach....

I already touched on this in my top ten list, but the sound of Nash slurping these days is deafening, so allow me to expand on my distaste for Canada's greatest export. In the summer of '03 practically every basketball pundit was dumbfounded as to why the Suns would offer Steve Nash a max contract. Four years later he's working on his third straight MVP? Ridiculous.

The historical significance of the award is being tainted by naive and biased voters. Of course there are those who will claim that the MVP is decided upon on a year by year basis and that historical context should not be a deciding factor. The previous winners obviously don't reflect that rationale, but I digress. By either definition-best overall player or most irreplacable player-Nash is not MVP. He's clearly not the best player in the league, unless the court is shortened to 45 feet and defense and rebounding are outlawed. More importantly, Nash is receiving a lion's share of the credit that sould be spread evenly amongst his teammates, coaching staff and front office. Colangelo put all the pieces in place, and D'Antoni implemented the perfect system for a roster with two other uniquely talented All-Stars. How many other players in the league can finish off a fast break, rebound & defend like Matrix? Is there a more ideal partner for the pick & roll than STAT?

Why isn't anyone acknowledging that Dallas got better after Nash left? That Dallas is better because of their improved defense? Can we agree that Dallas is better than Phoenix? That it's because of defense? So, can we also agree that Nash is playing in a run n' gun system that inflates his offensive statistics while masking his defensive deficiencies? What makes this completely laughable is the fact that Stephon Marbury-everyone's least favorite point guard-took almost the exact same Suns roster to the playoffs. Granted it was an 8 seed, but they still almost upset the top seeded Spurs. Nash comes in a couple of years later-doesn't win anything either-and is en route to receive the stamp of dominanace that even Jordan was denied? Bottom line is that players don't get that much better at 31 years old. Something around them changes.